About Me

Hi, I’m Gary and my passion is writing websites.  I live in Centennial, Colorado with my wife, a cat, and a dog.

I’ve been involved with various aspects of the internet, including teaching adult classes on the internet, since 1995.  A lot has happend since 1995 hasn’t it?  In 1995 all commercial interests were banned from using the internet.  And then came the World Wide Web and the rest is history.

Today, almost every endeavor is related in some fashion to the internet.  The medium that makes the internet what it is today are the approximately 400,000 active websites. Websites that entertain us, inform us, connect us, and now provide an opportunity to keep working when Covid 19 has inflicted a world-wide cataclysmic reordering of the way we conduct our every day affairs.

If you are considering building, changing, or renewing a website, contact me.  I’d like to get to know you and assist you in navigating the intricacies of building and activating a website.